Dry Ice, Garnet and Sodium Blasting

Steamatic has always been an innovator in introducing new technologies that set a benchmark for performance, and our Dry Ice blasting service is an extraordinary innovation in cleaning and remediation. From delicate machine parts to hard surfaces, mildew remediation to degreasing, our dry ice blasting service is flexible and adaptable.

Unlike older methods of blasting such as sand and bead blasting, dry ice blasting has several key advantages:

  • There is minimal clean-up and no residue. This is because the blasting medium is dry ice crystals. They effectively strip the surface to be cleaned, and immediately revert to gas after hitting the surface. The result is no clogging and no additional clean-up. This means less downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • Steamatic dry ice blasting is remarkably flexible. From the most degraded, corroded or dirty industrial surface, to delicate timber and ‘soft’ surfaces, dry ice blasting can be adapted for almost any cleaning or remediation requirement.
  • A perfect finish. Unlike some traditional abrasive cleaning and blasting methods, dry ice blasting leaves no residue. The dry ice particles are ‘shot’ onto the surface at high speed, cleaning the surface material and immediately turning into a harmless its gas.

Dry ice has unique properties that cannot be matched by other abrasive treatment methods. Because the dry ice particles change instantly from solid to gas as they impact a surface, they do not become ‘wet’ which makes dry ice blasting suitable for cleaning delicate equipment, electrical componentry and moisture sensitive work spaces.

There are a wide range of commercial and industrial applications for Steamatic dry ice cleaning, including:

  • Tooling clean-up and preparation
  • Adhesive and paint removal
  • Equipment degreasing
  • Painted surface preparation
  • Corrosion and rust removal
  • Mould and mildew remediation
  • Hard and soft surface cleaning
  • Graffiti removal from almost any surface

Link to Dry Ice Blasting Smoke Damaged Brickwork Video

Link to Garnet Blasting Smoke Damage Brickwork Video

Link to Dry Ice Blasting Bondek Ceiling to Remove Paint Video