Gamma Radiation Cleaning

Gamma Irradiation is a physical means of sterilisation or decontamination. Put simply, it kills bacteria. Gamma Irradiation kills bacteria by breaking down bacterial DNA and inhibiting bacterial division. Essentially, energy passes through the treated product disrupting the organic processes that cause contamination.

Gamma Irradiation is known as a ‘Cold Process’ as the temperature of the item being treated doesn’t significantly increase. It is not dependent on humidity, temperature, vacuum or pressure.

Gamma Irradiation cleaning should be considered for items heavily soiled by organic waste, including fabrics, organic and non-organic goods, and any item that could continue to harbour biological contamination, where complex structures make conventional cleaning ineffective, or where conventional cleaning processes are unlikely to arrest continued infection.

Gamma Irradiation offers high reliability, total penetration, consistent results, is suitable for a wide range of applications, and is totally safe and environmentally friendly.