Sewerage Inundation

Sewerage Inundation

Sewerage Inundations can come from an overflowing, blocked toilet bowl, overflowing gully traps or major leakages in sewer lines.  The health effects from exposure to sewerage can be severe and the smell can be overwhelming.  Our specialised team are able to attend your site to best evaluate the damage to your contents and structural items.  Our team will then proceed to clean, decontaminate & deodorise the affected items as per the  IICRC standards.  A sewerage clean up is a biohazard, the equipment and materials we use are designed to deodorise & sanitize an area with minimal environmental impact.

The Steamatic Difference

Emergency 24/7 Response: We can’t plan when a situation will occur so we have experienced, trained technicians on call.

Biohazard Clean-up and infection control: Steamatic offers specialised cleaning services designed to minimise environmental impact whilst fully sanitising and cleaning an area or contents.

Biosweep Air & Surface Decontaminator: After a sewerage inundation odours can permeate surfaces.  The Biosweep technology from Steamatic gives you the best opportunity of removing odours & eliminating any harmful bacteria’s.