‘Are you worried about Mould?’
Moulds are all around us. They are naturally occurring microscopic organisms, which are actually a type of fungus.

The mould we see in our homes is a colony comprising millions of mould individuals, which grow prolifically when the right conditions exist. When there is moisture present in the air or on surfaces, a warm temperature, and a source of food, then mould will grow.
There are potential health risks associated with breathing mould spores. If you are concerned then please contact your medical practitioner.

The Steamatic Difference

We utilise a 3 step process.
1. Inspect and assess the property to identify the cause/origin of the problem. We provide a comprehensive report with recommendations for rectifying the cause, and associated costs
2. Clean and remove visible surface mould
3. Eliminate air borne mould spores through the process of ‘fogging’